We provide petrol station forecourt cleaning services in all areas of Kwazulu-Natal

A petrol forecourt that is not cleaned regularly can present a number of problems. At a busy petrol station, it doesn’t take long for layers of dirt and grime to build up. Every hour, multiple vehicles pass through a petrol station, leaving trails of oil, petrol and litter behind, not to mention stubborn chewing gum that clings to the floor.

Without regular cleaning, a busy petrol station can quickly lose custom. When there are other petrol sources in an area, people will choose the one with the cleanest, most professional image. When layers of dirt build up so quickly, hosing down and sweeping forecourts doesn’t do a lot to improve things, so regular services from an industrial cleaning company are essential.

Petrol forecourt cleaning specialists can provide a range of services to ensure a clean and professional image for petrol stations.


Canopy cleaning

As most petrol forecourts feature a canopy that is several metres above ground, this makes canopy cleaning unsafe and pretty much impossible for anyone other than trained professionals. To tackle petrol station canopies, industrial cleaning specialists can use extendable lances and steam cleaning systems to leave the underside and bull nose looking spotless.

For canopies of above 7m, or for an even more detailed cleaning job, trained cleaning operatives can use access machinery to get closer to the canopy.

Pad cleaning

The forecourt floor is usually the biggest problem area at any forecourt. Forecourt pads are badly stained by petrol, oil and other fluid spillages, litter is often dropped and chewing gum discarded and trodden on or flattened onto the ground by vehicles. Using advanced steam cleaning equipment, forecourt cleaning operatives can leave the floor looking as good as new.

Pump cleaning

For any business, attention to detail is vital for creating a good impression. First appearances matter, so it’s not just the floor that requires regular cleaning. Petrol station cleaning services can also ensure that all fuel pumps are clean, and all signage is clean and visible.

Car wash and jet wash bay cleaning

Car wash bays often require a different level of attention to the rest of the forecourt. In addition to steam cleaning technology, car wash and jet wash bays may require the use of descaling chemicals to help keep glass work and car wash machinery looking their best and free of limescale.

Fascia and signage cleaning

Petrol forecourt shops and signage are visible from the roads, so they will be the first thing potential customers notice. Clean fascias and signage help create an impression of professionalism and care to all customers, whether they be motorists or pedestrians. Using specialist extendable poles and lances, and steam cleaning equipment, all areas of the building’s exterior can be reached, whilst causing as little disruption as possible.




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